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River House Rabbitry

Welcome to River House Rabbitry Fiber and Spinning! We are a teaching studio, specializing in wheel and drop spindle (in-person or virtual), fiber processing, and dyeing. We also provide wheel rentals and all Schacht products.

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An illustrated wheel with spokes
Our rabbitry currently has four beloved and spoiled French Angoras. Each angora provides approximately one pound of fiber per year, and in thanks, we try to provide them with love and care. While we’d love to have more bunnies (or other livestock), our schedules only permit us to care for four at a time.
I white rabbit with a black nose

The Gentleman

Hoppy is currently sitting on top of his hide, begging for papaya, and sleeping after a long day of sleeping.

A grey and black rabbit who is very handsome

The Bad Boy

Goat doesn't agree that you should only poop in one place and there is nothing you can do about it.

A white rabbit with red eyes

The Spooky One

Ponzu is watching you. Even as you read this he sees you there, not petting him. He is displeased.

A grey rabbit, she is very large

The Boss

Cheese is retired after having six healthy bunny babies. She will also roll on her side to demand attention.

An illustrated wheel with spokes
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We provide private in person and virtual lessons* on Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons.

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Equipment Rental Program

We provide rentals for Schacht wheels and accessories. Please see the below rental packages, or put together one of your own!

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An illustrated wheel with spokes
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Schacht Shop

Lookit all this cool spinning equipment for purchase. Reach out if you have questions and we can guide you to starting your spinning journey.
An illustrated wheel with spokes

About Us

We are a small studio located in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. We raise French Angora rabbits, teach wheel spinning and drop spindle, and sell at the occasional market. Sometimes we find time to catch our breath, but not always.

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